August 19, 2009

optimism in cancer? really?

really, optimism. i truly believe that there is positive in every single situation. i've believed that way for quite a while now, and my diagnosis of cancer simply means that i have to learn to see the positive in a very difficult time. they say that the hardest of times really challenge your beliefs...bring it on.

the first thing you should know is that this is genuine optimism. this is not my attempt at coping with my diagnosis by fabricating an essence of positivity that is unnatural to me. i can also promise that there will be times that i will lose sight of my optimism, i'm not perfect, and seeing the glass half full is a journey, not a destination. it's also a choice, and i choose to always see the opportunity, to see how i can grow, and how i can help other people do the same.

most importantly, this blog serves a couple purposes, or at least i intend for it to. first, it's a place for me to share my story, and to express my sincere optimism about my journey, and the challenges that i face in striving to maintain a positive attitude. second, it's a way for those i care about to be able to follow my experience without having to worry about their reactions to it...where there are no expectations for them to respond, and for them to know i want to share it with them, but don't expect anything in return. lastly, it's my hope that someone, somewhere, will benefit from reading this, and realize that there truly is optimism in everything, even cancer, you just have to be willing to see it.

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