December 26, 2009

life is fantastic...

it's funny, i never thought that during cancer treatment i'd be able to say that life is better than it ever has been. but, it is. physically, i feel better than fatigue, no more frustration of lots of random symptoms that no one could add up. but aside from just the physical feeling of wellness, i really think my life is exactly where it's supposed to be now more than it ever has been.

i wake up every day with a new energy for life. i've found a new energy for setting goals and really working to achieve them. before fatigue took over my life, i was training for got so bad that i didn't work out at all for the last year. and for the last month or so i've been working out regularly on my good week. it's not where i used to be, but i remember my oncologist telling me that he'd get me back there...and i think we're on our way. i plan to sign up for the tri for a cure, and start really training in the spring when i can fully recover. oh, and i got a yoga class for christmas which i'm really excited about. i've wanted to do it forever, but i never have.

another thing i put on hold when i was diagnosed was school. i had enrolled part time for practicality sake...i could work full time and do school part time. i didn't want to take four years to start my career with my MSW, but it made sense. since all this happened, i realize not everything in life makes sense, so i've decided to throw practicality out the window and start my MSW full time in the fall. i don't know how i'll make it work with finances and health insurance, but i know one thing...i'm not waiting on things i want anymore, it's time to make things happen.

i also feel so much more appreciative of everything and everyone in my life. my family, friends, cancer fighters (aka my medical team), and my students. i wake up every day excited to know that it's filled with people who add so much to my life and that i can work in a position that teaches me so much and gives me so many things to be grateful for.

it's odd to think that a disease that's to awful can do so much good. so, thank you cancer for the opportunity to be on this journey. i'll be happy when you're gone for good, but i'll always appreciate the experience you gave me.


  1. education = good life choice <3 MWAH you are amazing grace and i am so so so happy you are feeling great - merrychristmas my love! have a great day!

  2. I'm a Hodge survivor too. Just found your blog and am linking to it. You have a good spirit.

    Wishing you a healty new year!