June 6, 2010

national cancer survivor day!

today is national cancer survivor day, and i'm proud to be able to stand among the ever growing ranks of cancer survivors. it's a title that i'm very honored to wear, but not one that came easily...

it's been a long road...over the past year, i've had four chest x-rays, four CT scans, two PET/CT scans, two biopsies, four pulmonary function tests, one MUGA scan, one ECHO, a bone marrow biopsy, countless blood draws, twelve chemotherapy treatments, seventeen radiation treatments, and had a port put in and taken out. i've made three trips to dana farber in boston, countless trips to maine medical center, been in surgery twice, and had three minor procedures. i've gone from a medical team of two doctors to a team of eight doctors, a nurse practitioner, two nurses, a treatment team, and a handful of radiologists and pathologists who work behind the scenes.

...and today, on national cancer survivor day, i get to proudly wear my scars and radiation tattoos as a hard earned badge of honor. so, here's to those of you who have fought, are fighting or will fight...and here's to the hope that one day everyone who recieves a cancer diagnosis will also hear the word 'cure'.

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