January 14, 2010

four cycles = DONE!

had treatment eight yesterday...only four more to go! yesterday was fairly routine, but here's a few updates...

i caught a cold last week, and it resolved pretty quickly (especially for someone with no immune system), but i developed a funny tightness in my chest. of course, my thoughts immediately go to the likelihood that it's toxicity from the drug notorious for causing lung trouble. the nurse practitioner i saw was very thorough, as always, and said my lungs sound clear, my oxygen levels were fine, and since my last pulmonary function test a month ago was improved from the first one that there's no indication the drug is the cause and it's likely left over from my cold. i very much trust her opinion, and i feel much better. i'll have another pulmonary function test next week to just make sure i'm still doing alright, but those are no big deal.

also, i had an extra day off this week for my birthday (got treatment wednesday instead of tuesday) and my white blood counts were quite a bit higher than they have been in a couple weeks. it doesn't mean much as they'll probably drop again before the next one, but it's just nice to see them come up every now and then. poor cells take such a beating.

lastly, yesterday i was reminded how wonderful nurses are. of course the nurse practitioner, my oncologists nurse and my treatment nurse continue to be three of the most wonderful people i've ever met...but, in addition to them, i've met quite a few other nurses recently, and they all have a way of making me feel like it's not so bad. if it weren't for them, i'd never, ever make it through treatment. they deserve so much credit.

that's really all i've got for updates. i'm now through the 'essential' treatments. the experts at dana farber said four cycles would probably be enough, but we're going six to be sure (and i'm totally on board with that). the only reason i mention it is because it's a little victory...the rest is sort of my 'insurance plan'...and i like to think i've officially made it through the necessary treatments. i still have four to go, and it's not like they will suck any less, but it's just nice to point out the milestone here.

oh, and 53 days until the LAST treatment...hopefully last one ever!


  1. I agree...go for all six cycles and be done with it once and for all. My son is in remission now, but will continue treatments too. You're right...it's insurance.

  2. 49 days, WOW! That's awesome! Seriously, that will fly by. I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!