January 22, 2010

words of wisdom

i have my friends chelsea and nick to thank for my latest inspiration. they began their journey with the hodge in november, and chelsea recently posted something on her blog that i haven't been able to put into words like she did. she said whether you choose to be positive or negative about it, you still have to get through treatment. something about that one sentence struck such a chord with me. i think it was the reminder i needed right at that very moment. it was a refresher in how important attitude is.

it makes me think about how so many people face life and every day challenges with a focus on the negative. i don't get it. either way, you do have to get through it...so why not be positive? i don't know that i'll ever understand the way other people view their own difficulties. but i don't need to understand, i just need to accept.

as for letting challenges get in the way...i don't buy into that, either. it takes time, and it's definitely a learning process, but it's so important to live in spite of whatever is going on that we can't control. what are we all waiting for? tomorrow? maybe, but tomorrow is never promised, so live today.

...speaking of today, here's a little update. the last treatment kicked me down pretty hard, and i'm hoping that the rest aren't that bad. but, it passed, as it always does by day five. it's like clock work these days. this week has been busy as usual. work every day, a meeting with a very wonderful social worker (i'll post about this...so fun), and a meeting with my field placement coordinator about my first year internship. today i have another pulmonary function test to see how we're doing in that department, then work for a few hours, a visit with the most wonderful doctor in the world, and then a few days off! with fun adventures planned, of course. it's hard to believe that it's almost time for treatment nine. almost done!


  1. Hi, Grace! I just happened across your blog from your link from lymphoma forums. I also have (had) Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My last treatment is tomorrow! I can't wait...well, I mean it's not like I'm looking forward to feeling crappy, but the being done part will be nice! I had stage IIa and was diagnosed in August of last year. You are welcome to read my blog if you want! My diagnosis was somewhat delayed also..but only about 6 weeks or so. I haven't really ever followed or joined the forums, but happened across it today when I was looking for info on bleo toxicity. Since my last treatment, I've had a hard time catching my breath sometimes...and I feel like it "hurts" to take a deep breath...in fact I find myself almost gasping or coughing a little sometimes because of it. Going to talk to my oncologist about it in the morning before the last treatment...maybe he'll nix the bleo for me. We'll see. I haven't done any type of lung tests throughout treatment so I don't know what his take on it will be.
    Anyway, sorry to ramble, but I enjoyed reading your blog and I've become a follower so I can see the rest of your journey also! Random question for you: did you lose your hair? or shave it or anything? I didn't see any posts that mentioned it much, and obviously you have hair in your picture! I shaved mine after my 2nd treatment because it was falling out so much. I've got two little girls who were ending up with it all over them! It was way hard to shave it, but I did it! I can't wait for it to grow back! I think that will be my favorite part of being done with chemo! Well, and not being nauseous, achy, tired, etc...lol.

  2. Okay, so it won't let me become a "follower" on your blog for some reason! I'll just have to save your web address! Btw, mine is www.tylerandkelli.blogspot.com.