March 23, 2010

NO treatment today!

so, it's tuesday. it's tuesday, and i'm not having treatment today. it's a FANTASTIC feeling...there are no words to explain it, really.

it's fall into such a routine with cancer treatment, and i was so used to it that i never thought it would end. i would count down every time i finished another treatment, but it just felt like i was going to be counting forever. then, the last day of treatment happened, and we all got excited and celebrated, but i don't think i felt like it was over then, either. now, it's my 'treatment week', and it's my 'treatment day', but i just have to go in for a visit. maybe it will hit me today. maybe when they access my port, and then take the needle out instead of leaving it taped to my shirt it will hit me. or maybe when i just walk out back to visit the nurses, but don't have to be assigned to a recliner it will hit me. or maybe it won't hit me at all...but, i still don't have to come home and feel sick, tired, and beaten down.

today is a bittersweet day, though. while i go in and just have an easy visit, my friends sister is down at NIH and goes in today to begin pre-testing for her stem cell transplant with her sisters cells. she's has a type of lymphoma that has resisted all of her treatments, and now she needs to have a transplant with her sister as a donor. she's had a tough road, and it's hard to think that we've been in treatment for the same amount of time but had very different journeys. please keep her and her family in your thoughts...she's got such a positive attitude, and she's filled with so much optmism...she deserves a break, and i hope this is it.

whatever kind of day today is for you, enjoy it. we're never promised any just be fortunate for today, and don't take it for granted. as james dean said 'dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today'.

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  1. Great post! But then again- when do I ever not say that? Ha! I am so excited because I just feel like we are right behind you. Just a little more to go.

    Definitely thinking about your friend's sister.