March 10, 2010

six cycles = TOTALLY DONE!

i did it!!! officially DONE with this chapter of treatment. i can't possibly tell you how wonderful it feels, and to wake up this morning and know that chemo is over!

yesterday was wonderful. i have the most incredible support network and cancer team. my dad and boyfriend came with me to treatment, and it was wonderful to share the excitement with them, and see how excited they were. sometimes i don't realize how hard this has been for other people, and it was really nice to see their relief, especially my dad's, when it was all over. my dad has been the absolute best throughout this entire thing...always coming with me to treatment, hospital appointments, all the appointments at dana farber, and consults up here. he's just the best - thanks dad. and, for those of you who don't know, luke and i started dating after my forth treatment. that, in itself, says a lot about him. anyone who's willing to start a new relationship in the midst of a cancer journey is really special. he's dealt with all my ups and downs, my scanxiety, the sometimes volitile change in moods, all the restrictions i've had and so much more. he's become my best friend, and really is more than i ever could have asked for in another person.

the level of excitement from each member of my cancer team was overwhelming - they're an amazing group of people. my oncologists nurse and i reminisced about the long road it's been until now, and then had a quick reflection of where we were six months she was holding my hand while i got a bone marrow biopsy. she promised me that she never wanted to do that again - i agree! my oncologist came in excited, and did a quick exam, approved my treatment, and said 'let's talk about follow up later, but right now let's get this done'. he rocks. so, i'll go back to see him in two weeks and we'll discuss other things, i was happy to leave the focus of yesterday to being done. then it was on to the last infusion, where i was greeted by the most wonderful group of nurses in the entire world. there aren't enough words to thank them - even the ones i haven't had as much interaction with expressed their excitement. i know they get it - finishing treatment is a big deal - but their kindness is incredible. treatment was uneventful...lots of chatting and visiting, and just being overwhelmingly happy. at the end of the treatment i gave the three nurses who have really pulled me through the most (my treatment nurse, my oncologists nurse, and another nurse who's taken care of me a couple times and is just fantastic) a framed quote from 'the velveteen rabbit', and then i gave jenny (my treatment nurse) a copy of the essay that i submitted to the 'oncology nurse of the year' contest. another nurse called in her nurse manager, and they all congratulated her. it was wonderful to finally be able to thank her for everything she's done, and for all the other nurses she works with to be there. she's an incredible, incredible person and i never would have made it through without her.

when i came home, i was greeted by a big banner on the front of the house that said 'congratulations' and more decorations inside - my mom had decorated while we were gone. and, now on to the final few days of post-treatment recovery. this is where mom comes in. she's the only person i want around when i feel crappy. and, lately, she's taken the few days after my treatments off to be here with me. and then, on friday, when i feel better, we go out for a comfort food lunch, do a tiny bit of shopping, and just have a mini girls day. she's always been the person i want to be around when i'm sick, and she's never failed to be the best at taking care of me. i love you, mom!

so, there it is. i finally finished the biggest challenge of my life so far! i've still got a little ways to go, but these next few weeks are about celebrating this accomplishment - and my blog will reflect that. of course, i'll get back to posting more about the next chapter of my journey when it gets closer...but for now, i'm done, and i'm going to celebrate!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace out chemo! This is the first day of the rest of your life! I am so proud of you, you are amazing! You deserve to celebrate for many, many months to come :) Sending love always!