November 25, 2010

lots to be thankful for.

last year, i wrote a post of all the things i was thankful for (find it here). i was certainly in a different place last year, and to be able to look back just makes me realize how much more i have to be thankful for this year. so, in starting a new tradition, here's what i'm thankful for this year...

for life. this one still tops the list. i have a unique opportunity at a young age to appreciate the fact that i wake up every day, to realize that life is delicate, and that none of us are promised tomorrow. i feel fortunate to get that, and to be able to live the rest of my life just being thankful to be here, to make new memories, and to enjoy the beauty of the world.

for love. just over a year ago, i went out for coffee with a man who i knew instantly was meant to be in my life. he's my best friend, my greatest source of strength, and the best partner in life i could ever ask for. for those of you who don't already know...we got engaged last friday, and i could not be more excited. i'm so fortunate to have him in my life, and i'm reminded of that every day.

for family. i'm blessed to have a loving and supportive family, and i'm blessed to be marrying into a family that i love. and, i'm blessed that our families also adore each other. i know that's rare, and i feel very fortunate.

for friends and fellow warriors. for those friends who stuck it out and proved what true friendship means. and, especially for those friends i've made along the fellow warriors who serve as a constant reminder that life is beautiful, and it's our job to live it.

for feeling healthy. a year ago yesterday i had my interim PET scan that showed i was technically in remission. every day since finishing treatment i've felt better, and while i still struggle with some things...i feel better today than i have in years.

for modern medicine. even though chemotherapy sucks, and radiation is no fun, seventy years ago everyone who was diagnosed with hodgkin's would die. today, most are cured...and while i know too many who aren't, there are still options beyond a cure.

for being a student. odd, eh? definitely thankful for the opportunity to pursue a career i'm excited about, and to be furthering my education. sure, it has it's moments, but it really is a wonderful thing.

for having hair. and that it came back curly. and for having eyebrows. really, everything about this one is something to be so thankful for.

for the cancer experience. yea, i know it sounds odd.... and i'm not thankful for the disease. the experience, however, shook up everything i knew, forced me to face things i never wanted to, and gave me an opportunity to learn about myself and life in a way that wouldn't have happened without cancer.

...the list really could go on. i just feel so fortunate this year. just to wake up every day, to be surrounded with love, and to be able to look forward. life is a beautiful thing, and if you don't stop and appreciate'll miss everything.

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