December 22, 2010

snow, coffee, and an update...

there are few things i love more than sitting around in the morning, drinking coffee and watching snow's just so peaceful, and a wonderful reminder of how beautiful the world is.

i also owe you all (or those of you who still read this thing) an update. especially since i just had a really important visit at dana farber in boston. i went down just over a week ago for a scan, blood work and a visit with my oncologist. for those of you who missed it, i have decided to drive to boston for my follow up every three months...while it's a little out of the way, my oncologist there is totally worth it. she was telling me that she sometimes gets criticized by her colleagues for being too positive...clearly, that's why we get along so well. anyways...for the news you really care about. my scan was totally residual masses have shrunk about one centimeter in the last three months, and now measure 5x3.1cm...compared to 17x10x10cm at diagnosis...that's about a 70% reduction overall, pretty fantastic! and, it has continued to shrink, which is even better than just staying the same! blood work was excellent, and my exam was pretty stellar, too. the only odd thing i have left is a ringing in my ears that worsens with alcohol consumption. my oncologist has no idea and has never seen it before but thinks it may be because of the vinblastine (the V in ABVD). my pcp also had no idea, and they both suggested i could see an ENT, but i told them i'm all set with meeting any new specialists.

so, health wise, life is good. in other news, we're planning our wedding, which is super fun! it's so nice to be looking to the future and having so many wonderful things happening. i really am so fortunate to be marrying my best friend...he's such a blessing in my life. i'm also currently on a two week break from all my responsibilities, which is a much needed mental break for me. no classes, no papers to write, no field placement hours to complete...just me and my own schedule. so nice.

for those warriors still in treatment...just know that life does get better, and there is life after treatment, and it's fantastic! i don't like to say there's life after cancer, because i think cancer will always be a part of our lives (hopefully in a productive, remind us of our perspective kind of way).... but, i remember thinking that treatment would never end, and when it did, i remember thinking that my anxiety would never get better and i'd never have a 'normal' life again. i have no idea when life got back to a new normal, but it did...and while it'll never be the same again, i really do think it's so much better. the best advice i ever got, and that i always pass along, is to take it one day at a time and to not get too far ahead of yourself. i always say "if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, eventually you'll get where you need to be". of course there are still struggles, but like anything else...once you've beat cancer, it feels as though there's nothing you can't do.

i did have some more profound thoughts that i had intended to share, but those may have to wait for another day.... i will do my best to add some blog and coffee time into my schedule over the next few weeks. happy holidays!


  1. It's so nice to stop and watch the snow, isn't it?
    Here's to 2011 being a wonderful year for you and Luke. Sending you, tons and tons of love beautiful.


  2. Hey Grace,

    Awesome news! Glad your appointment went so well. I also had some ringing in my ears that I noticed during treatment, during the period of radiation was when I noticed it. Still have it occasionally. Hope yours is not too much of an annoyance. Enjoy your vacay!!!

    Love, Anastasia