October 14, 2009

i never thought paying bills would be exciting...

the new checks i ordered arrived this week, and i spent all morning paying bills. and i enjoyed every second of it. crazy, isn't it? it just seems so normal, like what every other twenty-something should be doing. i really revel in the times when i can forget about cancer and really just live my life the way everyone else does. i have so much living to do, and it's quite annoying that cancer has thrown such a fork in the road.

that said, i am also very aware that cancer is part of this journey i'm on. the experience is part of who i am, and i have every intention of learning everything i can from it, and then moving on. i am aware that this experience with cancer has already given me a stronger will to live each day. people say that young adults should never have to experience cancer. no, no one should ever have to go through cancer...treatment sucks, and it's scary. but, i feel very fortunate to have this experience as a young adult, as i will have the rest of my life to live with an incredible appreciation for everything. not everyone is so lucky.

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