October 3, 2009

the definition of life

life is a very difficult word to define. in fact, it's so difficult, the dictionary has over thirty definitions. it's a word that has essentially transcended language, and is only defined through our own experiences.

our unique definition of life is the most honest reflection of how we live. one thing i've learned so far is that life is not an amount of time, and we are powerless in determining how long we live. while it's a scary feeling to be out of control, i've learned to focus on the one thing we can control...the way we live.

a cancer diagnosis changes everything. it quickly shifts life into a series of events that determine your future. someone in the cancer community said 'don't let a clean scan stand between you and your life'. it's true. i need to focus on life, and not let test results determine it's quality. there is life outside of cancer.

cancer can take years from life...it cannot take life from years, unless you let it. in the face of something out of my control, i will discover the definition of life.

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